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At ETOW, we believe access to information is access to education. We provide innovative, simple and appropriate technologies to schools and communities in remote, rural and impoverished regions of our world.


Ears To Our World is privileged to have established partnerships in the following countries:



ETOW has the pleasure of working directly with the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI) to bring our self-powered world band radios into the homes of children with little or no sight.

Radio opens a world to all of our recipients, but for the visually impaired this experience can be even more dramatic. Unlike the Internet, which requires expensive translation software, radio is designed to be heard, rather than watched or read. For those who interact with the world primarily through sound and touch, radio is truly the perfect learning medium.




We have managed to get a constant stream of radios into rural Cameroon via our partner EduCare Africa. We are currently working closely with EduCare representatives in that country and in the U.S., raising money to pay for logistical support and seeking assistance to send more radios to teachers throughout u Cameroon. 




Our partner in Haiti, the American Haitian Foundation (AHF), supports a large K-12 boarding school in Petite Rivière de Nippes. This facility is located in a very rural, isolated part of Haiti, but it has developed into much more than just a school: it is also a local employer, a community center, and a hurricane shelter when required (a frequent need in Haiti). The AHF operates its school strictly off solar and renewable energy. It also runs three local radio transmitters that broadcast community information and weather advisories. ETOW is proud to have distributed radios, with AHF's assistance, to all 38 of its teachers, who may have access to power at school not at home.

In response to the January 12, 2010, earthquake in Haiti, ETOW decided to extend our reach beyond schools and teachers in order to distribute a substantial number of Eton Corporation-donated ETOW radios to individuals in remote and impoverished areas affected by the earthquake.

Additionally, ETOW gives continuous support to victims of the 2010 earthquake through our partners The Haitian Health Foundation and Christa's Angels.



We partner with Kosmos Solutions to serve rural schools throughout Kenya. We are also currently working with Saint Catherine School in Kibera, Kenya, and have several other schools earmarked for radio distribution.

Additionally, for the past five years, ETOW board member Nyaga Mwaniki has lead Western Carolina University Anthropology student groups on trips to Kenya where they distribute our radios as a part of their field work. This project serves several rural communities in western Kenya.




ETOW partners with EduRelief to provide information access to some of the schools and communities they serve in Mongolia. Our most recent project was centered in the very remote Tsagaanuur (White Lake) region of Mongolia, near the Russian border. We distributed radios to Tsataan Reindeer Herder families who lead a traditional nomadic way of life and have no access to television, electricity, mobile phone service — not even AM/FM radio. Our self-powered, hand-cranked, shortwave radios provide this community with information without the need of a communications infrastructure.



ETOW partners with The Ridge of Morganton, North Carolina, which sponsors a school for Gypsy children and youth in Hirip, Romania. Many of these students do not have access to electricity or running water, either at home or at school. The radios are used both in and out of class by teachers and students.



Sierra Leone

In its continuing effort to improve the lives of children and their support networks in the developing world, Ears To Our World recently donated thirty world band radios to a human rights program jointly run by the African Community Internship Placement Programme West Africa and the Centre for Accountability and the Rule of Law-Sierra LeoneThe radios are part of a proposed project that will use short messaging service (SMS) to generate data for human rights monitoring in Sierra Leone.


South Sudan

The country is war-torn and in a state of re-building. Our partner Project Education South Sudan builds schools and empowers teachers in an area of Southern Sudan so remote that resources often have to be flown in on chartered planes. The diverse programming available to students, via shortwave radio, is nonetheless staggering and their teachers have much to gain from our radios. Project Education South Sudan (PESS) is one of our longest-standing partners and the communities they serve are among the most remote and impoverished we work with. We place a great deal our resources into bringing radio and other appropriate technology, such as lighting, to South Sudan.




Through our partner The Empower Campaign we sent radios to every teacher at Bigodi Parent's Primary Progressive School in Uganda. The Empower Campaign is currently building this new school, which previously had been constructed of nothing more than tin sheets and poles.

ETOW also works with Outreach Uganda to help teachers and students in a girls' secondary school in the Lamwo district of Uganda.


ETOW is currently seeking new partnerships in countries throughout the world.

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