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At ETOW, we believe access to information is access to education. We provide innovative, simple and appropriate technologies to schools and communities in remote, rural and impoverished regions of our world.

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Thank You, Winter SWL Fest!


Once again, we would like to take a moment to thank the Winter SWL (Shortwave Listening) Fest for their generous and enthusiastic support of ETOW. ETOW founder and Executive Director, Thomas Witherspoon, attended the 23rd annual event that attracts radios enthusiasts, broadcasters, publishers and hobbyists alike, and was offered a warm reception both by festival hosts and attendees.

This year, the Festival raised more than $900 for ETOW--$700 from the popular silent auction, and over $200 in the form of individual donations. These funds will go a long way toward the support of our ongoing mission of education and international outreach through radio.

But SWL Fest support was not just monetary.  From SWL Fest co-host, Richard Cuff, we received following words of encouragement:

"We're thrilled to be able to support ETOW.

"The work that you're doing with ETOW helps us remember that radio is a tool that can make a positive difference in the world. We're grateful that individuals within the Fest community donate directly to ETOW and we're grateful to be able to support your work via the Silent Auction.

"We hope 2010 brings much success to ETOW as it continues to make a difference in areas lacking in news and information."

Thank you very much, Richard!  Thanks, too, to co-host John Figliozzi, and last but not least, to all Winter Fest friends and SWLers who support us so very enthusiastically.  Your belief in the power of radio is well-founded, and your spirited support of ETOW is truly appreciated.

Hats off to our friends of the 'Fest!

Thanks to the Winter SWL Festival

naswaETOW would like to warmly thank our friends at the Winter SWL Festival in Kulpsville, PA.  The Winterfest is perhaps the world's largest gathering of international radio listeners and professionals--attendees usually include broadcaster representatives, vendors and regional clubs. The gathering is sponsored by NASWA (North American Shortwave Association). Not only did the festival organizers allow us to set up a booth with donation box in the main meeting area of the multi-day festival, but they also designated us as the recipient of funds from their silent auction. ETOW Executive Director, Thomas Witherspoon, was also given the opportunity to speak to the group at their Saturday luncheon.

Thank you, Winterfest organizers, supporters and attendees--your support was overwhelming, and sincerely appreciated. We look forward to attending again in 2010!

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